once before i go…

So it’s the final countdown! only 12 days left in the U.S. before departure to Nepal! Its kiiiinda freaky considering I haven’t fully taken care of things yet, and my list of to-do’s grows… sell bike/computer(?), close bank account, donate clothing, organise farewell parties, pack the 80L backpack I have to live out of for the next few…years?

In some ways it feels like dying – in the most sane and pragmatic way I could ever think about dying. Tidying loose ends, streamlining my needs down to the bare necessities, and leaving life as I know it for an adventure I have no idea about. And it’s probably past the point of getting out of it. Ok, so alot less serious and daunting than actual dying, but sometimes when I have it together I like to think about dying like that 🙂

Another, more enjoyable side effect has been a degree of letting go and priorities changing. I’ve always been super concerned about my appearance. Some people (ahem, my boyfriend) would call that an understatement. But I’ve noticed there’s been a little shift.

Instead of worrying about the size of my thighs or calories burnt while at the gym, I’m worrying more about being strong and fit for our trekking.

I also decided to cut my long hair, simply for ease and convenience. I still like how it looks, but I hope I’ve been willing to sacrifice some vanity here.


Who knows what’s next – foregoing the razor for ‘French-style’ armpits?

I like to think the sky’s the limit 😉


2 thoughts on “once before i go…

  1. I’m guessing you have advice to spare, but if I can add one more, consider not taking the malaria pills. Well, take them with you, but not ingesting them until you actually get malaria. I don’t know what part of Nepal you’ll be in, but unless it’s the Terai, the odds of catching the disease are not very high, and the pills can have some nasty side effects. There’s my two cents, I hope it fits in the 80L, if not, leave it behind!

    1. thanks vagabondurges! yeah we are not taking the malaria pills yet, but bringing them along in case we decide to go down to the Terai or India later in the course of our travels. probably could’ve got them in Nepal at a later point had I thought about it – but oh well! For now I just gotta make room 😉

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