california dreaming

Ok. SO! It’s been a while!

Maintaining a blog is hard dammit. I will no longer secretly, in-my-mind criticise people who do it as like, a job.

So I’m stuck at home today with some kind of upset stomach illness, and the computer was beckoning me to write so here I am! So between my endless bowls of rice crispy cereal, I will attempt to regale you with the tales of the last month or so after landing in California!

A few days after we got onto the mainland shore from Hawaii and settled into home, we were joined by Jesse’s sister and her partner, and then shortly after that, another addition joined our household in the form of Kristina, my close friend from Sydney!

We had a fabulous time roaming San Francisco like the tourists we are, and getting to see the local area of Berkeley/Oakland up close and personal. Highlights of course include my new favourite local grocery store – Berkeley Bowl – which is a gigantean mecca of organic/raw/whole/hippie/foodie/natural goodness, where a pound of organic blueberries is $2.29. Awesome!

Kristina and I took a little tour to Las Vegas and Los Angeles also which was A LOT of fun, although I think I’m still not fully recovered. While I can’t say much about Vegas (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😉 ), there was plenty of fun food, fun people, fabulous clubs (and free drinks!), famous DJ’s, Cirque du Soleil (in the nightclub!), Jersey Boys, pole dancing class, frozen hot chocolate, $2.25 lost on the roulette table, free tickets to a random amazing Country music concert… we didn’t waste any time in our 3 days there!


Los Angeles was also very cool. While dodging Hollywood Boulevard and the Film Studio Parks, we headed out to a packed Venice Beach on the Labour Day Monday and walked our way up to Santa Monica with blistered and aching feet!

Back home in Berkeley, life has been a bustling endeavour of meeting a variety of family and friends. Most recently we spent the night in Santa Rosa with Jesse’s aunt and uncle and their dog Ginny, who made us feel so welcome and showed us Bodega Bay – the sight of the filming of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Jesse’s uncle Richard snapped this cute photo of us when they came for dinner 🙂

Time is flying, absolutely rocketing! We are already halfway through September and realise we have to do our cross-country USA trip in October in preparation to be back to November for our birthdays/Thanksgiving, December for me to come back and visit Oz, January we will spend all the time enjoying family and California we can, with my family visiting, then February will herald the end of my visa and the next chapter of our journey!

Well I’m keeping this one simple for now, as so much has happened. Must resolve to post more often with more detail!


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